Real Estate By The Numbers


My company recently held its 2014 convention in Phoenix. I thought the Vision Speech from Gary Keller was wonderful. Corporate put together a beautiful slide presentation to accompany his speech using data provided by the National Association of Realtor’s annual home buyer and seller poll. I went through a picked out the slides that I […]

DIY Pest Prevention


Loving this infographic from on DIY Pest Prevention Ideas. Do you have any tips to add?

Steps to Selling Your Nashville Home


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Making An Offer With an Escalation Clause?

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The following is exerted from the most recent Tennessee Association of Realtor’s newsletter. It is a timely article. This week I have run into three separate multiple offer situations and I lost another bid that was over asking price.  QUESTION: Now that the market has heated up again, I have received multiple offers on a […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling A Home

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1. Not Taking You First Offer Seriously.  It isn’t always the case, but in general, the first offer tends to be the highest. Perhaps not right off the bat, but try countering the offer. You may be able to move the conversation to a place that doesn’t make you completely nauseous. 2. Offering Credits For […]

Preparing For The Home Inspection


Bad Inspections Experienced agents can see these train wreck coming from a mile away. We deal with inspection reports every day and nothing can kill a deal faster than the ill will that often results from a bad inspection. Some items sound like a big deal when in reality it may only cost a few […]

8 Ways To Increase Your Home Appraisal [video]

Boost your appaisal

Here is a good clip from the Today Show on appraisals. I can’t say that I agree with every point. For instance, I don’t recommend handing the appraiser a stack of comps yourself – this job should be tasked to your listing agent. Also, if you are selling your home in Nashville you shouldn’t expect […]

7 Habits Of Happy Home Sellers

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We Realtors hear stories from unhappy home sellers all the time about why their last agent couldn’t get the job done. “He didn’t do this, she didn’t do that…” But as an agent working in the field every day, I can tell you this: SELLING A HOME ISN’T ABOUT THE AGENT. It’s about the house, […]

“Fixer-Uppers” Are No Longer Appealing to Most Buyers

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A new article published by RISMedia, “Home Buyers Shun ‘Fixer-Uppers’” by Kathleen Lynn, contrast the housing market of five years ago with today’s market and notes that — with so much inventory on the market — homes needing work or repairs will often remain unsold: *** BEGIN QUOTE *** [Five years ago] buyers often felt […]

This is a crazy market. Should I sell my home or turn it into a rental?

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I get this question frequently. The folks at created a cute infographic image below that can help walk you through the decision.  I’m on board with nearly everything here, except they leave one BIG issue out of the picture, and that is current equity stance. In the olden days (think 2007) when you went […]